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Online presence is becoming more and more important for businesses to help reach their potential. I aim to help maximise this potential by either introducing them to the world wide web or helping improve their current online presence.

I am an English, Freelance WordPress Web Designer who moved to Norway in August 2014. As a qualified CIW Web Design Specialist I have 9 years experience along with a wide range of skills within the industry. I have experience working with HTML5/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and WordPress. WordPress web design is a huge passion of mine.

Travelling and exploring different cultures is a huge interest of mine, giving me the chance to taste international cuisine, meet new people and witness some of the world’s most wonderful sights. I have found myself bungee jumping and skydiving in New Zealand, zip lining over a Costa Rican rainforest, partying on Copa Cabana beach and scaling the salt flats of Bolivia. My adventures around the world has given me great inspiration for the design and manufacture of my websites.

Responsive Web Design
Paula Wilson, Evolve Hair Salon

“Before I knew it we had a professional website which exceeded my expectations.”

Paula Wilson, Manager - Evolve Hair Salon

“We highly recommend this technically proficient

Blaise Ngabirano, Owner - Hooburnaz Records Label
Bjarte Bøe

“I am absolutely delighted with how the site turned out. I would recommend Craig’s services anytime.”

Bjarte Bøe, Guitarist - Parsifal
Craig Foster, Valour Consultancy
“We’ve already received some great feedback
on the design.”
Craig Foster, Co-owner - Valour Consultancy
Karen Risløw

“I would recommend him 100% for affordable and
professional website design.”

Karen Risløw, Beauty Basics


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As a freelance web designer I understand the importance of responsive website design. All of my projects are created with responsiveness in mind and conform to mobile, tablet and desktop. They have also been tested in several browsers to ensure the quality is the same throughout.

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Outlining the processes helps you understand my role in the creation of your website.

responsive web design company - freelance web designer


Planning the website sets the stage for the rest of the project. This requires interaction with you so I can fully understand the purpose of the website and design the site with that purpose in mind. I will begin to create a wireframe to help understand the structure of the site.

responsive web design company - freelance website designing company


Here is where the plans become reality and a visual representation is created. The website begins to take shape, again, interacting with you to ensure the design fulfils your expectations and stays inline with the sites main purpose. The site is designed in a production area which is hidden from public viewing.

responsive web design company - affordable freelance web designer


The purpose of the launch process is to prepare the site for public viewing. This involves testing to ensure compatibility and that you are completely happy. I will then transfer the site from my production area over to your domain name. Final testing takes place to complete the project.


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The reviews are in!

Jayne Lo

“I was searching for a web designer beginning of this year by putting an AD out online as well as contacted a few designers directly. I must have had at least 20 designers call, email, text me, but was most impressed by Craig’s efficiency, meticulousness and professionalism. What stood out to me was that he made sure he understood me and my business as much as possible before he started creating a website that represented my brand. He has also been very patient and accommodating; working alongside my ad hoc schedule and after hour responses. Excited to see how my business grows with his help!”

“Craig recently helped us create a new website for Notmann AS. We started the process with a meeting where we went through what we required and how we were going to work together. Craig works very neatly and efficiently, and is very customer focused. And unlike other web designers, he doesn’t try to sell the most possible services, but rather focuses on our industry and situation and understands what services we actually need. We are very pleased with the result.”

Kristian Lokøy, Coordinator, Notmann AS
“We used Craig Sapsford Web Services to create a new website for Treningsleir1. Craig was positive from the start, service-minded and professionally skilled. We received several test versions of the website, and always had the opportunity to give input and request changes. We are very pleased with Craig, and with the website he developed, and we can safely recommend him to others.”
Craig Foster, Valour Consultancy

“Valour Consultancy urgently needed to overhaul its website and move to something much more user friendly. On recommendation, we got in touch with Craig who took time to understand our needs before presenting us with a list of easy-to-understand options. From there, he quickly created a fantastic looking demo site, which we were able to tweak to our liking. None of us at Valour Consultancy have any experience of web design and Craig’s patience in dealing with our many questions and requests was much appreciated. The end product is exactly what we wanted and we’ve already received some great feedback on the design.”

Karen Risløw
“Craig has designed and created two separate websites for the different sides of my business and I have been very happy with both sites. He has produced professional websites that delivered on the brief that I gave him. He has also been great with support once the sites have gone live and has been quick to make any changes I have requested. I would recommend him 100% for affordable and professional website design.”
Karen Risløw, Beauty Basics
Paula Wilson, Evolve Hair Salon

“We needed to get an online presence, although almost all our work comes through recommendation. But I am well aware the first thing I do when someone tells me about a business is check them out online, I was sure we were missing out. I can honestly say Craig took the hassle out of getting a website for me. Due to me not being technically minded I could offer limited input and had no idea what I wanted. This didn’t seem to be a problem and despite this I supplied him a few details, and before I knew it we had a professional website which exceeded my expectations.”

Bjarte Bøe

“I contacted Craig in the summer of 2016 to get help rebuilding the homepage for my band. Craig was extremely friendly and helpful, and I offered him the job. He worked fast, but was very attentive to my wishes, and I am absolutely delighted with how the site turned out. Pricing was also very affordable. I would recommend Craig’s services anytime.”

Bjarte Alræk, Guitarist, Parsifal

“As a new business we needed to promote our service and decided that a website was the medium to do this. Craig began designing the website and after a few tweaks here and there he created a website that is everything we imagined, and more.”

“Our company needed a skilled web designer, I would say we could never find a better candidate than Craig Sapsford. Mr. Sapsford was quick to understand the tasks he was given and the tasks he performed have given us a remarkable result. We highly recommend this technically proficient web designer.”

Blaise Ngabirano, Owner, Hoodburnaz Records Label


Let’s work together!